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Design/Build Services

We at Bayside Engineering will engineer, design, procure and shop fabricate all necessary equipment providing a fit for purpose extended life installation. The equipment will be customized to be seamlessly integrated into the existing refinery infrastructure.


3D-Inlet Feedline Alignment System


  • Design development of the 3-D Inlet Pipe Positioner (multiple coker installations)

  • Hydraulic system design which allows for thermal movement of the Pipe Feed system in all directions

  • Relief Pressures are individually set to prevent overstressing of the feed Pipe System

CCTV Systems


  • Fully automated and remotely controlled closed circuit TV systems allow personnel to operate a multitude of equipment without being exposure to hazardous environments.

Control Consoles


  • All consoles are custom designed and configured to control or monitor the particular operations designated by the user. They can be fully hydraulic or electric/hydraulic. These consoles can be customized to provide digital displays for many critical functions relating to a particular process or operating condition.

Control Panels


  • The operating panels can be positioned anywhere in the line of sight of the operation, even at more remote sites using CCTV Camera/Monitoring systems.

Drill Stem Alignment


  • This Coker Technology was developed over 25 years ago and has undergone multiple modifications to create more efficient devices. The Bayside team will select the design which best fits our clients circumstances, and customize the system to provide the best safety application for operating personnel.

Cutting Tool Enclosures


  • These encclosures can be permanently fixed to a slide gate valve or be guided to provide Drill Stem Alignment. This equipment uses patented technology to completely enclose the cutting tool thereby providing maximum protection of operating personnel during an upset condition.

Firewater System Models


  • Complete refinery process unit evaluation

  • Specialty firewater case analysis

  • System upgrade design

  • Line replacement and cleaning analysis

  • Pump upgrade evaluation

  • Water supply requirements

  • Residual pressure analysis

  • Unsteady state analysis

Fixed Coke Chutes


  • This proprietary design developed by Bayside over 25 years ago uses fully reinforced corrosion resistant materials in conjunction with specially designed impact zone. Life cycle is expected to be a minimum of 5X that of standard coke chute designs.

Bottom Unheading Carts


  • Sequential Drive System applies torque evenly to all the wheels

  • Redundant Drive Mechanism improves reliability

  • Cart designed to raise Head under a full Drum

  • Design prevents jamming and sticking of the Head

  • Proprietary Hose support system eliminates wear and reduces frequent replacements

Hydraulic Power Units


  • Unique compact design

  • Simplicity and reliability are key features

  • Distinct Filtration design reduces contamination

  • One Power Unit for upto 6 Drums including Top Head hydraulics and drilling

  • Built in online spare

  • Can be sized for multiple functions

Nitrogen Booster Cabinets


  • Two Compressors fully spared (online)

  • Air driven or optional electric drive motors

  • Fully enclosed Stainless Steel Cabinet

Remote Top Unheading


  • This Coker Technology was developed over 25 years ago and has been modified and upgraded many times to increase personnel safety, and to accommodate many different top deck configurations throughout the United States.

Telescoping Coke Chutes


  • These telescoping chutes can be manufactured in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Either material will provide a significant extension of the life cycle over traditional chutes. The proprietary hydraulic system developed for remotely raising and lowering the telescoping chutes eliminates binding and uneven operation.

Telescoping Chute Latches


  • The proprietary automated latching system allows for remote latching and unlatching the telescoping chutes to the bottom flange of the durm.

Automated Feedline Clamping System


  • Developed in conjunction with Grayloc Engineering

  • Clamp design allows Motor to be moved to the vertical position

  • Provides increased accessibility and clearance

  • Converts existing Pneumatic Actuator to hydraulic

  • Incorporates remote uncoupling capabilities

Solenoid Valve Panels


  • The proprietary remote control system allows for remote actuation of all necessary functions..

Blast Proof Operating Shelters


  • These Operating Shelters can be located on the top or bottom deck, as well as at grade. Bayside can equip the shelter to provide full remote control of any hazardous operation. Blast resistence of shelters designed for hazardous locations provides another layer of safety to operating personal.

Runningline Tensiometer


  • This device when installed on the drill stem winch cable can provide accurate real time monitoring of the cable tension, cutting tool position and cable payout speed. Bayside can provide mounting bracket customized to suite site specific configurations.

Remote Marine Loading-Unloading


  • This equipment allows for the operator to remotely control loading and unloading operations of ships and barges. This is accoplished through wireless communications between the remotely operated mobile console and the respective loading arms.

Other Services


  • Coke Pit Revamps

  • Coker Drilling Water Fines Removal System

  • Coker Jet Water Tank Design

  • Coker Distillate Hydrotreating Kinetic Models

  • Process Debottlenecking (all units)

  • Coker HAZOP and PSV Studies

  • Coke Handling Equipment Design

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