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Engineering Services

We recognize that each client is unique, and strive to meet our client's objectives while exceeding their expectations. Our engineering, design, procurement, construction, shop fabrication and project management services are tailored to ensure professional project execution and timely product delivery. These services are significantly enhanced by Bayside's innovative proprietary patented technology.





Bayside has developed a customizable approach to our multidisciplined team of highly skilled Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Structural, and Instrumentation Engineers to add value and versatility to every project.





Bayside will research, purchase, test, and install all equipment and/or materials required to successfully complete a project. Prior to purchasing these items, we provide our clients with a list of recommended vendors, detail equipment specifications, and itemized purchase orders.

Construction Management



Bayside can provide cost control, inspection, scheduling, constructability reviews, field engineering, construction materials testing, and project implementation support. These in-house services provide a seamless quality approach, delivering an integrated and engineered solution to any type of project at Bayside Engineering Group Inc.

Total Project Management



Our Project Engineering team averages over 34 years of experience in managing complex projects from inception through detail design, construction, functional check out, and turn over of care custody and control. Bayside's flexible project estimating, cost control, and scheduling strategies work to maximize the efficiency of our engineering efforts.

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